Ignasi Oliver



I am a network science enthusiast currently studying Computer Information Systems Engineering at Tecnocampus, UPF (Pompeu Fabra University).

Work experience

I am a contract software developer at SmartMotors (ThinkingForward) since July 2017. I helped finishing the corporate website, developed an internal inventory service and I am currently developing an incidence tracker with Python through Odoo.


My passion for the field led me to develop several projects, being Sowork -currently unavailable- the most remarkable.

Sowork.org was a network high-school students used to increase their academic knowledge mainly through the extra documentation and papers hosted on the site and the active participation of their schoolfellows. All of it combined made the process of learning more approachable.

After one year of application, the purpose was achieved and recognized. Sowork received the following awards:

Apart from Sowork I have developed others projects. I have attended several hackathons and made the following projects on them:


Programming languages

Overall I have done projects using Java, JavaScript, HTML + PHP and Python.


Any inquire can be send at ignasioliverf@gmail.com.

I can also be found at: